In the mark of continuity

Textreme was founded in 2005 as a branch of Filtex, established in 1965 in the textile district of Biella, Italy, which has specialized in the production of high fashion and interior decoration fancy yarns. With Textreme’s establishment we aimed to reinforce Filtex partial presence, at the time, in the fly fishing market. Since the early 70’s the parent company has been producing a few items, designed after specific requests from Italian and foreign fly tying Customers, like the first Cactus.

Production: our strength

Textreme’s philosophy is based upon the direct production of the whole range of items in our catalog, which is now one of the most comprehensive in the industry. The needs of the most expert tyer, as well as the genuine passion of those who love this poetic world, can thus be fully satisfied. Our staff consists of skilled technicians who daily follow the various stages of processing within our plant, from the raw materials all the way through the finished product. Only the dyeing is carried out by outside certified and specialized companies, in order to achieve the perfection of color and the maximum environmental and aquifer protection. Textreme directly provides packaging, stocking and delivery. Every stage of processing is ‘made in Italy’, which we are proud of. More than that, yarns, plastics, cardboards and accessories of the packaging, all come from Italian and European manufacturers. All this in full compliance with the strict EU regulations governing the production processes and environmental protection. At each stage of the processing we apply a thorough quality control, so that any flaw or imperfection is immediately eliminated to grant our Customers the maximum satisfaction. Nothing is left to chance. Attention to detail, from an excellent dyeing to an optimized packaging design according to retailers and final consumers needs, is an asset to achieve one of the highest quality found in the market, worldwide acknowledged. Our steadfast investment in R&D on the materials we offer, and the widening of the colour range, derive from Textreme’s close cooperation with Customers who specifically operate in the fly fishing field. In every choice we make, we always keep in mind the experience that comes from the tyers. In fact, a good number of items in our catalogue have been developed from specific requests of the final consumer, who was looking for something more effective than what the market could provide at the moment. Providing a high standard final product. That’s our goal today, just as it’s always been in the past.