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UV Gulff resins are high-quality resins, guaranteed to remain perfectly dry, transparent, and non-sticky after undergoing a correct curing process.
The CLASSIC version is specifically designed for applications in the fly tying of various types of artificial fishing flies. Its viscosity makes it ideal for creating nymph bodies, perdigons, and wing cases. By properly dosing the quantities, it can also be used for protecting and reinforcing quill bodies of dry flies and emergers, as well as holding feather fibers together for wings.

– Produced with high-quality G2 resins
– Cures in a few seconds (3-4 seconds)
– We recommend using the Gulff UV Pro torch
– Irradiate the surface to be treated from a distance of 1-2 centimeters
– Allow at least five seconds of rest before touching the treated surface
– The UV torch must always have fully charged batteries
– Available in 50 ml and 15 ml packaging

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