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UV Gulff resins are high-quality resins, guaranteed to remain perfectly dry and non-sticky after a proper catalyzation process.

The FLUORO version is a resin with 100% coverage and combines a strong UV effect with phosphorescent properties, excellent for night fishing. It has become one of the best-selling colored resins, mainly used for highly visible hot spots both during the day and night, on both pre-made flies and newly made ones. Due to its high pigment content, we do not recommend using it on large surfaces or thick layers.

– Produced with high-quality G2 resins
– Catalyzes in a few seconds (5-7 seconds)
– We recommend using the Gulff UV Pro torch
– Irradiate the surface to be treated from a distance of 1-2 centimeters
– Let it rest for at least five seconds before touching
– The UV torch must always have fully charged batteries
– Available in a 15 ml package

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