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The GULFF Hero UV Flashlight, in addition to having a nice design, is an innovative and high-efficiency solution for curing almost all UV fly tying glues. It is also the ideal solution for photographers who love to post pictures of their flies on social media, thanks to the clarity of its light, which is clearer than other lamps.
Hero represents the best in its field, equipped with a high-quality 5W LED that has a frequency of 365nm like other Gulff lamps, which is optimal for curing UV resins. It has a special filter that allows only the central part of the fly to be illuminated, highlighting the fluorescent details, without interfering with the rest of the environment. This characteristic makes it ideal for taking photos of the fly with the artificial fly illuminated while keeping the background dark.
Hero has a built-in USB charger, eliminating the need for a dedicated charger.
The package includes the 5W/365nm flashlight with filter, a rechargeable 18650 battery, and a USB cable.
The warranty is one year and covers the flashlight and LED, while the battery and cable are not included.

– Flat and non-zoomable lens thanks to the low dispersion of light intensity
– High-quality LED
– 365nm frequency for optimal resin curing
– Customized mirror for perfect concentration of the light beam
– Rechargeable battery
– USB charger directly in the flashlight body

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