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Extreme is the thinnest tying thread ever created, which allows you to surpass current limits in the world of fly tying.
Made with a high-strength polymer in relation to its diameter, up to ten times stronger than steel of the same diameter, it is suitable for tying flies where a practically invisible thread with excellent strength is needed.
A versatile thread that covers a wide range of uses, from creating smooth and uniform bodies and thoraxes on tiny hooks up to #32, to tying in dubbing loops where the thread remains practically invisible, and in all fly tying situations where the thread must not be invasive.
Available in both black (a solid color that does not fade during use) and natural white, which can be easily colored with a permanent marker.
Recommended for very small flies and when a loop needs to be created without opening the thread with a half-hitched needle, its size allows for the creation of practically invisible loops, comparable to those obtained by dividing a 25 denier Power Thread Micro.

– 100 meter spool
– 10 Denier
– Breaking strain of 0.44 kg.
– Recommended for hooks from #20 to #32
– Use of a bobbin with a ceramic tip is recommended


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