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Technical polymer with a very high breaking load in relation to its diameter, up to ten times higher than a steel of the same diameter, suitable for tying flies where a very resistant yet thin thread is needed.
Versatile thread that covers a wide range of uses, from creating smooth and uniform underbodies, to tying with difficult hairs like elk and deer, to the possibility of splitting it for loop-style ties without doubling the thread.
Available in both black (a solid color that does not fade during use) and natural white, which can be easily colored with a permanent marker.
It is a universal thread that provides great strength and a perfect size for creating many types of dry flies and nymphs in medium-small hook sizes.

– 100 meter spool
– 25 Denier
– Breaking strain of 1.10 kg.
– Recommended for hooks from #16 to #22
– Use of a bobbin with a ceramic tip is recommended


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