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Technical polymer with a very high breaking load in relation to its diameter, up to ten times higher than a steel of the same diameter, suitable for tying flies where a very resistant yet thin thread is needed.
Versatile thread that covers a wide range of uses, from smooth and uniform underbodies, to tying difficult materials such as elk and deer hair, to the possibility of splitting it for loop-style tying without the need for doubling the thread.
Available in both black (a solid color that does not fade during use) and natural white color that can be easily colored with a waterproof permanent marker.
Its size makes it suitable for tying underbodies on medium-sized hooks and small streamers.

– 100 meter spool
– 50 Denier
– Breaking strain of 2.20 kg
– Recommended for hooks from #8 to #18
– Use of a bobbin with a ceramic tip is recommended


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