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Technical polymer with a very high breaking strain in relation to its diameter, up to ten times higher than steel of the same diameter, suitable for tying large streamers where an practically indestructible thread is needed that allows any type of operation, both bodies cover and heads closure. Thanks to its calibrated torsion, the fibers remain well connected but still lie flat and smooth, creating uniform and seamless sub-bodies and heads.
Available in both black (solid color that does not fade during use) and natural white color that can be easily colored with a permanent marker.
This is the most resistant thread in the catalog and it is recommended to use it when exceptional strength needs to be combined with the need to quickly fill spaces without using many turns of thread. The use of cyanoacrylate glue is recommended after a few steps to cement the loops that are very slippery due to the characteristic of the polymer with which it is made.

– 65 meter spool
– 280 Denier
– Breaking strain of 10 kg.
– Use of a bobbin with a ceramic tip is recommended


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