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Proformic is an innovative fluorescent plastic liquid which hardens within 3 to 6 seconds with the special Proformic UV Led integrated on the cartridge that has a special wavelength optimized for this liquid. The tiny UV Led is easy to use with one hand by flipping the cartridge after applying the liquid, just pinch it to use it in a pulse way or use the switch for a constant use. The led can be detached and used on a new cartridge sold as re- fill and it works with a single button cell. The cartridge has a thiny syringe steel tube of 0,7 mm diameters for a precise positionation of the liquid. After the curing process the surface cured reacts to the UV giving to the fly an addictional plus in the water.
– The fluo plastic liquid can be replaced and restored until you cure it with the UV Led.
– The integrated UV Led cure the liquid withing 3 to 6 seconds.
– No solvents.
– High durability (more than one year).
– Handy application with the detachable UV Led.
– Can be re- shaped.
– Useable in moist enviroments.
– Resistant to most acids, lye, oils and lubricants.
– Temperature range from – 40Β°C to +150Β°C.
– UV resistant after hardening.

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